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On these pages you'll find the (yet incomplete) build story of my Lotus Super Seven replica (a Caterham, like on the image, was too expensive :( ).

Enjoy the pages,

Konrad Holl

July 2001
Yes, it's me ;o) . Instead of fiddling with my homepage I rather continued building my seven. It still needs painting but I got the TÜV (SVA) and registration done. I updated the links page. New pictures will take another while.

November 1999
A few new pictures. I don't really have much time for the kit or even the homepage. I only did one new page (so, that's it ;-) ).

August 1999
New pictures of my kit! My hitlist confirmed that 87% of my visitors do allow JavaScript. GOOD! From now on there's (just a wee bit) JavaScript.
I also fixed some bugs in the layout and finished (most) of the English translation.
Last but not least I joined the Clubman Classics webring and put up a mirror in Germany.

June 1999
Fixed the menu to fit 800x600 without any problems.

May 1999
My homepage is online! It's been leading a sad and hidden life on my harddisk for far too much time ;-) . I even found a free Provider, Counter and Guestbook. And everything without any banners!